Back to Trondheim

After a hectic summer with moving out, then traveling to Sogn, then on to Oslo and Iceland, and then home, then five weeks of work, and thankfully two more relaxed weeks at home at the end of summer, it was finally time to head back to Trondheim. I drove down with my Grandparents on my mothers’ side, both to get me down here in a cheap way, but also to help my Grandpa to drive. He is 81 years old, and since my Grandma doesn’t drive, he normally has to do all the driving.

When I got down to Trondheim, I had to move in to my new apartment. It’s an ok apartment, it’s not wonderful but it’s not bad either. I also had to start a new study course, as I finished my Bachelor degree in Archaeology in June. I started a year course in history now, just to have a bit extra before I maybe try to get a job in a museum or something like that. Bring on the schoolyear!
– K


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