Viking museum

This summer I got a summer job in Lofotr Viking Museum in Lofoten in Northern Norway. It’s about a four hour drive from my hometown, and lies between steep mountains and the ocean. I’d been there once before, but just briefly and I’d had not nearly enough time to get a real experience out of it.

In February this year I applied for a summer job in the museum, and not long after, I got the email; I got the job! I was very excited, since I was taking ( and now have finished) a Bachelors degree in Archaeology – This is straight up my alley. So, after visiting Iceland in June, I got back to my hometown and relaxed for a few days, before I had to pack my bags again and head down to Borg, which is where the museum lies. It’s about fifteen minutes away from Leknes, which is a bigger town, though not quite a city (Remember, quite small places can be cities in Norway).

So, I lived in a old house with five of my co-workers, who I got to know well in my five weeks working and living alongside them. They’re such a lovely bunch, and though not everyone have the same standards about cleaning the house and dishes and such, we got on fine. You’d think six girls sharing one bathroom with one shower and also one washing machine would be problematic, but we made it work. We didn’t really have much choice.

Working in the museum was lots of fun, but also very stressful at times. Sometimes there would be so many people that it was hard to move through the museum shop and the ticket area – which was where I worked. But we made do, with loads of tea and coffee, sometimes cake from the kitchen that wasn’t pretty enough to sell, but still very yummy – and just fun and jokes. And of course, you get along with some people better than others, but that’s just how life is. You can’t get along with everyone, but you should try to at least be grown up about it, and not make things worse.

I took a lot of pictures,through my time working at the museum, like I always do, and here are some of them;


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