Archaeological excavation

So, my last post was from when I was back home, just relaxing and re-charging my batteries. It was absolutely lovely, I got to spend lots of time with family and friends up north, who I hadn’t seen since Christmas. I also spent a lot of time outside, and I even got freckles!

After a long easter back home, I flew back down to Trondheim, and after a week of class, we went out to Hitra, an island on the the coast. We were out there for two weeks, with a short stop in Trondheim on the weekend. It’s a part of one of the classes I’m taking, to go on a field-course with archaeological excavation led by the master student ( I’m a bachelor student). We were field assistants, and it was the first time most of us got to excavate anything, so we were very excited!

My group consisted of five people – two master students who were the field leaders for our area, and then three of us bachelor students, and there were also another group of six in the same area, but on another part of the excavation field. The whole area was right by a church that dates back to the middle age, and we were excavation the old priest house, which burned down in the sixties. So it might not be super old, but still exciting for us, and good practice! We had such great weather both weeks, and I had so much fun on the excavation site with the rest of the gang!
– K


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