Finally done!

So, yesterday I sent my Bachelor Thesis to the printers, and today I got to hold it in my hands! We had to deliever three copies to the institute, and then we got one ourselves, which the institute paid for. I ordered to extra, because how often do you get something that you’ve written yourself, printed that nicely, in small booklets with the university logo on it? So, we went to deliever three copies to the institute today, and we were all super giddy afterwards. I don’t quite know what to do with myself at the moment. For three months I’ve had this dark clouds hanging over me, and every time I’ve done something else than working on my thesis, I’ve felt guilty, because I should be working. And now that I don’t have that, it feels really weird. I do have loads of stuff to read before my two exams in May and June, but I’ve decided to give myself the weekend off.

On Thursday my flatmate and I are going to get the bus down to the train station and get on the night train headed north. We’re taking the train for nine hours, and then the bus for five hours, and then I’ve got another hour by car to get home to my parents house. We’ve got Easter Break for ca ten days, and it’s gonna be so good to just go home and relax. I’ll bring my books home with my so I can study a bit, but it’s gonna be nice to see family and friends back home, to be out by the sea, drive around and taking pictures. I. Can’t. WAIT!! Also, it seems like spring is right around the corner!

– K


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