One week left!

Next Friday, at this exact time, I have delievered my Bachelor Thesis at the University, and I can lower my shoulders and sit down in the sofa with Netflix, without worrying about the damn Thesis. It’s interesting stuff, don’t get me wrong, but when you work on something for three months straight, it becomes a chore. Especially these last days have been hard, I’ve had to go to lectures as well as writing on my thesis, and I feel drained of energy and happiness. So I’m really looking forward to the April 6th, when I get on the train to go to Northern Norway, to go home. I really need to relax and just live a little, because I’ve been spending waaaay to many hours by my desk with my nose in a book or an article, or with my fingers tapping away on the keyboard for hours. So I took half an hour to just walk around downtown today, and it was the best choice I made this week. It’s honestly been one of the roughest times in my University carreer ( which isn’t that long, I know), so I’m glad to see it come to an end. Just one week more of this. One week left!



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