Homesickness to other places?

Earlier this month, I wrote a post about homesickness, and then one more. So it’s probably quite obvious now; I miss home often and a lot. Even when I was in “Videregående” ( the Norwegian equivalent to high school), I lived one hour from my hometown, I still missed home. Now that I live much further away, I miss home even more, and I don’t get to go home as often as I would like. But I also long for other places. I haven’t been a lot of places in the world, I’ve only visited a handful of countries. I’ve been in Sweden and Finland, Bulgaria, Greece and Iceland.
This is my favorite beach back home.

I often dream of warm days by the beach on Rhodos in Greece, and I would like to go back there one day. I went there for a week with a friend of mine in 2015, and it was a great week. We explored the island, went to museums and historical sites, as we’re both archaeology students, we wanted to see as much as we could in the short week we were there. We had a wonderful time, exploring the old town in Rhodos city, swimming in the blue sea, people watching from our balcony with a view over to Turkey. But it’s not really longing, more like dreaming and missing a time in my life, I think.
This is taken on Windy Beach in Rhodos city. Look at the blue sea!

And then of course, there is Iceland. I lived in Reykjavík for four and a half months, so it became home for a while. And I miss it dearly, almost every day. – And don’t get me wrong, I definitely missed home while I lived there too! –  Though it could be that I miss a time in my life, like Rhodos, it’s a longer period of time. And I really fell in love with the city and the country, with its wonderful people, culture, nature and just the mood. Though I know that it will never be the same when I go back to Iceland, since most of the people I got to know there have left, I still think it will be great to go back. So I’m very excited to go back there in June with my grandparents and my cousin. It’s only for six nights, but I’ll make the most of the little time I have there. I guess that is all we can try to do; make the most of the time we have.
The view from the church tower of Hallgrímskírkja in Reykjavík.


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