In late September 2015, my friend and I went to Rhodos/Rhodes in Greece for a week. We just dropped everything and left. I didn’t even tell my family anything before we were already there, which is very unlike me. I normally talk to my parents two to three times a week. I wasn’t sure how they’d react, but they took it well, haha. The summer that year hadn’t really been very nice, it was a lot of grey and yucky weather, so a week with sun and sea was well deserved. We left 5 degrees celcius in Trondheim, and ended up in 27 degrees in Rhodos instead. To be honest, I’m not great with heat, so this was enough, and maybe a little too warm, but I managed. As long as I have the possibility to swim in the sea, I’m fine. I did get sunburned though, but not as bad as when I went to Bulgaria a long time ago. With my light brown/ginger hair, fair skin and frecles, I’m almost guaranteed to get burned by the sun, even when I use suncream and sunblock. I’m used to get comments like “red like a tomato” or “”red as a lobster”, but I don’t care – it’s just how I was made.


Anyway, when we decided to go to a warmer place, we discussed back and forth where to go, and ended up with Rhodes. This is the reasons; sunshine, beaches, sea, historical sites and lots to see and do. I’m one of those who needs to do things, I get bored very easily. Thankfully, my friend is pretty much the same, though she likes to lay on the beach way more than I do. But then again, I love swimming way more than her, so it’s a good balance. We walked around in Rhodos Old Town a lot, there’s even an archaeological museum which we also visited. Being archaeology students from Norway, where we don’t see things older than Medieval times that still stands. In Greece, and around the Mediterranean there’s loads of things that gets us archaeologists very excited. We walked up to the Monte Smith ruins. I can’t remember what god or goddess the temple was for, but it was wonderful ruins after a temple on the akropolis of Rhodos city. We also went down to the city Lindos, where we walked up to ruins on the akropolis. There was a lot more to see than on the Rhodos akropolis, but both are worth a visit! Absolutely wonderful, and so much to learn and see! I’d like to see more of the Mediterranean area, but I’d also love to go back to Rhodos. I didn’t bring a camera with me, which I regret afterwards, but I had my phone, and I took loads of pictures, so here’s a (huge) selection!
– K


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