Making more memories

I’m planning to go back to Iceland for a week in June, and I’m very very very excited. This time it’s just for a week, but that’s so much better than nothing. I’d like to be there for much longer of course, I would even move to Reykjavik if I could. But that’s not realistic at the moment, so I’m just over the moon for even being able to go for a week. As I’ve mentioned in earlier blogposts, I lived and studied in Reykjavik for four and a half months in 2016, and I absolutely loved it. So when my grandparents on my mothers side mentioned they would like to go to Iceland, I got excited. They don’t know any English, as we’re Norwegian, and they are 70 and 80 years old. So they asked me if i wanted to come with them as a guide, translator, to drive them around, and also to book everything. They’re not very good with computers and such, so it’s easier for me to just fix everything and then they can just relax and have a good time on the trip. So I’m basically booking plane tickets and places to stay, a rental car and planning our route etc. I love planning trips!

– K
Pictures from Seltjarnarnes, outside of Reykjavik, from last time I was there.



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