I want to go home

I’m stressed out. I’m having anxiety attacks more and more often. I want to go home, to travel up north to my childhood home on the island where my parents still live. I want to hug my parents, my brother and grandparents. I want to meet up with old friends. I want to go home and relax. Not that I don’t relax other places too, but it’s a different kind of relaxation at home than anywhere else. It’s a kind of peace. When I’m anywhere else, I can always feel myself being pulled towards home. Towards the north. I want to get in the car, and just drive. I don’t need to listen to music, I just wanna feel the power in the car on those windy northern Norwegian roads. I want to go to the beach, and feel the breeze or wind on my face, the smell of salt water and seagrass in the air. I want to hear the seagulls yell at the world. I was raised between the rough, roaring ocean and the steep mountains. I want to be home. But I can’t. Not yet. 52 days to go.
– K


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