Iceland pt. 2

December 29th 2015 I flew from Northern Norway, down to Oslo and then to Reykjavik, Iceland. I travelled alone, because I was going to study there for one semester. Everyone who knows me, know that I normally like to be well within my comfort zone, so to think that I moved to Reykjavik all alone for four and a half months is kinda crazy. But I did it. And I’m so, so, sooo glad I did! It was the best experience I’ve had yet, I got to know so many great people and I grew so much as a person. Travelling to Iceland in late December meant I got to see Reykjavik with all the Christmas lights, but also that I would celebrate New Years Eve alone in a new city. I didn’t know anyone yet, so I ventured out with my trusty camera to photograph instead. Afterwards, I ended up in a bar with loads of international people, drinking wine until four, so I wasn’t really alone, haha! Here’s the pictures, enjoy!
– K


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