The city that I live in

I live in a city called Trondheim. It is one of the bigger cities in Norway, with 187353 citizens (according to Wikipedia), and is a small city if you think on a global scale. But for me it is quite a big city, as my hometown has only ca 2300 people living there, spread out over a big area. Here’s a few of my favorite photos I’ve taken.

– K

2016-11-12-17-14-352016-11-12-17-13-372016-11-12-17-14-422016-11-12 17.14.46.jpg2016-11-12-17-14-552016-11-12 17.15.12.jpg2016-11-12 17.15.28.jpg2016-11-12 17.15.24.jpg2016-11-12 17.18.32.jpg2016-11-12 17.18.47.jpg2016-11-12-17-18-52


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